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From Ideas To Savings - Chapter 3 - Part 3

Your event is now finished, and if all goes well you’ve managed to build a good deal with your suppliers.

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From Ideas To Savings - Chapter 3 - Part 2

You now have your projects nicely planned. Maybe it’s time for some ‘real’ work.

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From Ideas To Savings - Chapter 3

In this third article of our series “From ideas to savings”, we will continue the journey and look at how you can plan and manage your cost reduction projects.

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From Ideas To Savings - Chapter 2

In this second article of our series “From ideas to savings”, we will explore how you can refine the raw idea and decide if an opportunity is worth pursuing.

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From Ideas To Savings - Chapter 1

For many experienced professionals, the process of delivering value or savings after having identified a good opportunity has become automatic, almost a second nature.

Together Alun Rafique, Co-Founder of Market Dojo and Pierre Laprée, Founder of Per Angusta have combined their expertise to ponder the process of turning procurement ideas into real savings.

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The Procurement Revolution Week is Over. Vive The Procurement Revolution!

Update: Our contribution was judged particularly inspiring by Art of Procurement and was selected for their weekly episode! Thank you!

Last week, our friends Kelly Barner (Buyers Meeting Point) and Philip Ideson (Art of Procurement) organised The Procurement Revolution.

This online event gathered 40 Procurement thought leaders from all around the world, in a unique, week-long effort to reflect upon our practices and pave the way for its tranformation… its revolution.

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Take a Look at The Bright Side of Life Procurement

Last Tuesday, Per Angusta Team was attending the London eWorld Event at QEII, Central London. Pierre and I crossed the Channel to meet up with the UK buyers. Together, we shared some French Tech ideas with a sole aim : to boost procurement performance, in a simplier way.

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How Many Decimals of π Does Procurement Really Need?

It was Pi day on 3/14 (yes … that means March 14, you know how Americans have a habit of switching around the days and months when they write a date). On that day, NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory wrote...

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Spend Matters names Per Angusta a provider to watch in 2016

The 50 Providers to Watch lists shines a light on exciting newcomers who are pushing the envelope.

Spend Matters, the worldwide reference website for Procurement-related information, has just added Per Angusta to their "50 to watch" list of providers worth watching in 2016.

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5 ways Slack can help build a better procurement function

Slack - Per Angusta

Charting the stratospheric rise of Slack, and investigating how it can be used to increase collaboration and conversation in procurement

For those who don’t know, Slack is an online communication...

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If Opportunity doesn't knock, build a door

We’ve been helping our users building their sourcing pipeline for many years now. Every time the process is the same.

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Breaking the silos

Buyers have a rather varied set of activities: managing negotiations, orders, invoices, stakeholders… These activities all have something in common: suppliers. Yet all the information you need to perform...

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Per Angusta 💘 Slack

Today, we're happy to announce the release of our Slack integration, that allows you to get notified in Slack of what happens in Per Angusta.

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Meet Per Angusta at eWorld in London on September 22nd

Please join us for the 30th edition of eWorld on September 22nd in London and see a demonstration of our sourcing pipeline & savings tracking solution.

Meet Per Angusta at eWorld Procurement - 22nd September 2015

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Three questions a CPO should be able to answer

Your life, as a CPO, is made of a lot of exciting challenges and rewards. Be it collaborating with suppliers to devise new, innovative solutions or shaping the right requirements with your stakeholder...

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June 17th Release

Today's release brings only one new feature but has a lot of important things under the hood to prepare for 2 important evolutions that we will tell you about in the coming weeks.

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Various Improvements

Today, we're releasing various improvements to Per Angusta that will make your life easier.

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Export reports to Excel or Powerpoint

Today we're bringing some new features:

  • Graphs & KPIs data export to Excel
  • New exports in the Pipeline and Savings sections

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New Release Schedule

Starting in April we switch to a bi-monthly release schedule of Per Angusta.

2 releases per month means that we'll be able to make new features available much faster to you and that non-blocking bugs...

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