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Sep 28 2016

Last Tuesday, Per Angusta Team was attending the London eWorld Event at QEII, Central London. Pierre and I crossed the Channel to meet up with the UK buyers. Together, we shared some French Tech ideas with a sole aim : to boost procurement performance, in a simplier way.

For the 2nd time in a row, Per Angusta was present at the event along with other actors of the procurement ecosystem. We were exhibiting very close to our favorite UK Partner, an expert in sourcing management : Market Dojo.

This all day forum was a perfect occasion for us to get known by Procurement, Finance and IT professionnals as well as consultants.

Our friends from Market Dojo pay us a visit!

Judging by the discussions we had during the day, one thing has become very clear for us. Although a great deal has already been said about procurement and driving its processes or tools, no actor among the market developped a concept such as the CRM for Buyers.

So we decided we should do it :)

What is a CRM for Buyers ?

Very similary to the way the CRM helps sales people to improve their daily reports, to manage leads and to perform better, Per Angusta makes it easier for buyers to:

  • Manage the sourcing pipeline (and help them to prioritize their actions)
  • Track the savings all along the purchasing lifecycle
  • Store contracts safely
  • Centralise key information about suppliers (contact information, performance, CSR…)
  • Receive alerts before contract deadlines
  • Collaborate with their peers
  • Communicate internally (with finance, with stakeholders) efficiently

In other words, Per Angusta’s SaaS Solution is the data consolidation bridge that your organisation need to ease collaboration and rebuild trust throughout the organisation.

Per Angusta helps buyers take life on the bright side!

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