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The Procurement Revolution Week is Over. Vive The Procurement Revolution!

Update: Our contribution was judged particularly inspiring by Art of Procurement and was selected for their weekly episode! Thank you!

Last week, our friends Kelly Barner (Buyers Meeting Point) and Philip Ideson (Art of Procurement) organised The Procurement Revolution.

This online event gathered 40 Procurement thought leaders from all around the world, in a unique, week-long effort to reflect upon our practices and pave the way for its tranformation… its revolution.

The Procurement Revolution

These revolutionaries have shared their views in long-form interviews (40-60 minutes) or bite-size, 2-to-10-minutes clips on all kind of subjects. Each day had a specific theme:


While all this content is of tremendous value, I have particularly appreciated the following clips:

The Procurement Revolution Will Not Be Televised

We were fortunate enough to contribute a piece called The Procurement Revolution Will Not Be Televised.

Behind the rather formal (scary?) tone, we wanted to emphasis that we cannot just be spectators. If we want change, if we want to be a trusted partner, then we must take actions.

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